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With BibleMinded you can memorize the Bible whenever and wherever your iOS or Android device is.

BibleMinded was built for those interested in committing sections of Scripture to memory and is a great way to study important Bible passages. BibleMinded can search and add custom verses, pick from growing list of memorization plans, memorize using four different study modes and track progress using the memory test. If desired, BibleMinded will send out reminders when it’s time to study again!

Memorize any verse in the Bible

BibleMinded was built with the BibleSearch API and has full access to every language and version contained within the API. A simple keyword or reference search will open up the entire Scripture library – ready to be memorized.

Memorize any verse in the Bible

Memory plans to guide you through the Bible

BibleMinded’s custom plans are a popular way for users to begin memorizing Bible passages. Custom plans are a related grouping of passages and could easily could follow a book series, study notes, or any other grouping of passages.

Church or organization interested in creating a custom plan? Contact us about plan possibilites.

Bible memorization plans

Track your progress

When you start a plan in BibleMinded we'll keep track of how far you have come and how many verses you have left to go in the plan.

Bible memorization progress tracking

Multiple ways to memorize

Everyone is different. We've built in several ways to memorize. Flash card, fill in the blank, pick the next word, and you can even record your own audio to play it back to yourself.

Memorize the Bible using multiple study modes

Test yourself

When you think you have a passage commited to memory you can take a test to prove that you have it down. Tests consist of typing out the full passage from memory with no helps!

Test your Bible memory

Start memorizing the Bible today!