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BibleSearch App Screenshot is a robust online Bible application offering a clean, ad-free interface for reading and studying the Bible.

Currently there are almost 800 different languages and supports both desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The user interface has been written in over 15 languages with many more on the way. Users can add notes and tags to their favorite Bible passages, as well as save their preferred Bible version. BibleSearch offers one of the most advanced search engines for a large number of languages and focuses on proper rendering, formatting, and display of the Bible text.

Over 800 Versions and more than 700 Languages

BibleSearch comes equipped with all of the languages and versions that are contained in the BibleSearch API. This makes BibleSearch an powerful tool for reading and studying the Scriptures online.

BibleSearch Versions

Parallel Passage Viewer

Comparing two different translations has never been easier. BibleSearch has a side-by-side panel and a quick version change button so you can see how the text was translated in a differnt version.

BibleSearch Parallele Passage Viewer

Advanced Search Options

BibleSearch has an extremely powerful search engine that can search across all versions. However, it also allows for more specific version searching as well.

BibleSearch Advanced Search

Create Notes and Tags

As you are reading and studying on BibleSearch you can quickly add your own notes or inspiration. Tags can be used to create your own collection of passages for future reference.

BibleSearch: Create Notes and Tags

Footnotes and Cross References

BibleSearch has a cross references and footnotes panel for those versions that contain them. Simply click the icon next to the passage and the panel will open up near the bottom of the window.

BibleSearch Footnotes and Cross References

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