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BibleSearch Tools is a small collection of utilities to enhance your website or blog. These tools make it possible to bring the text of the Scriptures right to your site.

Bible Highlighter

The Highlighter will automatically find Scripture references on your website and allow your visitors to read and explore those passages without leaving your site. The Highlighter is the perfect way to let your visitors read Scripture without leaving your site. When she's done reading, your visitor can click the X to close the mini Scripture window, and she'll be reading your devotional again.

You can see it live when we write John 3:16 on this page it will be instantly converted to a link!

Over 500 versions and 400 languages

Bible Search has one of the largest digital libraries of Bible versions and languages and they are all at your fingertips.

500 Bible Versions

Read the verse without leaving your site

When a user clicks a Bible reference, they will be able to read the passage directly on your site. No need to find references on other sites or to cut and paste long verses into your blog post.

500 Bible Versions

See the passage in its Biblical context

The Highlighter doesn’t just show the verse, but the entire chapter and your visitors can browse between chapters and even change books and versions.

See the passage in its Biblical context

Add some simple HTML to your site and you’re done

Its as easy as copy and pasting! We provide you with the HTML that you need to place on your website in the location you would like the widget to appear.

Add some simple HTML to your site

Bible Widget

Pick from any of our Bible versions and your users will never leave the comfort of your site. Once you try out the widget read below to learn how to get started integrating the widget with your own site.

Style the widget to fit your website

Pick the size and color of the widget so that it matches your brand. Multiple color options and pre-defined sizes make it easy to find an option that fits your site.

Style the Bible Widget to fit your site

Try it out now!

We've placed a live version of the widget here so you can see it in action!

Add Bible Tools to your website today!